Identity Theft Protection from Identity Theft Solutions LLC and Jamison Legal Group is included in your lease with A.R. Building.  A.R. Building has teamed up with Identity Theft Solutions LLC to provide your entire household Identity Theft Protection as part of your lease with us at no cost to you!  
If you or anyone living in your household ever becomes a victim of Identity Theft, Identity Theft Solutions LLC will pay Jamison Legal Group to eradicate the effects of Identity Theft from all 3 of your credit reports.  This service is valued at $288 per year but is yours as part of your lease.  To be covered, all you have to do is click the Yellow Button above and enter your information to start your coverage.  If anyone in your household becomes a victim of Identity Theft in the future, you'll only need to show us a copy of a current lease with A.R. Building and we will repair the damage done to your credit report from identity theft at no charge to you.   Depending on the size of your household, similar services can cost as much as $100 per month from our competitors, but you'll pay nothing as long as you are a current tenant at one of A.R. Building's many properties.