Credit Traffic

Key Benefits

As part of your Credit Traffic package, you get:
  • The ability to offer free credit repair as a marketing tool to drive traffic into your showroom
  • The ability to call your database of people that weren't approved with a free offer in order to get them approved after we fix their credit.
  • A copy of every client's credit advice letter Jamison Legal Group gives them that will tell you all 3 of their FICO Advantage Scores along with their revolving debt they owe and the limit on those accounts in order to give you a quick look at their ability to buy a car and where they stand credit score wise.
The service we give your customers for FREE includes:
  • a custom 10 to 15 page credit advice letter from Jamison Legal Group that explains what they need to do to improve their credit score based off of the information contained on their Identity IQ credit report. 
  • and if needed, one round of credit bureau disputes where Jamison Legal Group will verify the accuracy of the negative items showing on your credit report or ask that the item be deleted if the item cannot be verified. 
  • 6 months free coverage of Identity Theft Solutions LLC  credit protection where your entire household will be covered against the effects of Identity Theft on their credit report where Jamison Legal Group will work to remove all items that resulted from Identity Theft on your credit report should you or anyone in your household become a victim in the future while covered under the program. 
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