Step 1 - Get Your IdentityIQ Credit Report

We will give you a free advise letter and repair your credit once you send us your IdentityIQ credit report.  Our system is designed to implement the ability to easily import and parse information from the IdentityIQ 3 bureau credit report;  Use the link below to get $10 off their normal monthly fee of $29.99.  You can cancel this $19.99 per month subscription at any time but need to keep it active for 35 days while we are working on your file.  You will get all 3 credit reports and all 3 FICO Vantage Scores with IdentityIQ.  Get your IdentityIQ subscription for only $19.99 per month at at  You can cancel this subscription at any time

Step 2 -Download your IdentityIQ 3-bureau report

We need you to download your 3-Bureau credit report once you sign-up for IdentityIQ.  See the images below to see how to do that.

Once we receive your credit report, we'll email you your credit advice letter within a few hours and start repairing your credit immediately also.  You can expect your credit score to go up within 30 days unless you do things to hurt your score.  We highly suggest that you follow the advice we customize for you in the advice letter in order to maximize your credit score.  The entire process takes 30 days to see improvement but you'll see even more improvement in 75 days when we discontinue working on your file.  We will email you instructions and reminders throughout the entire process.