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"Learn how to double the revenue you get from your clients and recover thousands for them at the same time"

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Did you know that over 90% of all credit reports contain discharge violations on them after the bankruptcy discharge date?  Did you know that there is no statute of limitations on discharge violations against the debtor? 

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In this FREE eBook, you'll learn what the most common post-bankruptcy discharge violations are and how to recover thousands for each client just by filing the lawsuit.  These cases are cut & dry and creditors rarely want to risk going to trial once the case is filed.  You can file these cases yourself or receive a referral fee from one of our network attorneys.  The average settlement in our experience is around $8500

This eBook includes everything you need to know "including actual case filings and briefs" to show you how to generate an additional thousands in legal fees per Client rather than just forgetting about them once the discharge is final.   You will also put thousands in your client's pocket also.  You'll be a hero to your clients because you'll make them money and get paid doing it.