"Credit Traffic"

for Auto Dealers


Credit Traffic for Auto Dealers is a unique service that serves as BOTH a revenue source and a marketing tool. With Credit Traffic, you can give every customer 1 year of Identity Theft Protection from Identity Theft Solutions LLC ($288 value per client).  The Dealer can give this 1 year of protection to anyone that walks into their showroom or service department whether or not they even buy a car.

"Lifelock® costs a family of 4 $983 per year for their top tier package, our Identity Theft Protection is only $288 per year but can be given to every customer that walks into your business for 1 year at no cost.  With Credit Traffic, you can attract more business and save your customers hundreds per year at the same time"

Our Identity Theft Protection can be added to the sticker price of every car as a Pack Item where the dealer includes Identity Theft Protection with every car at a discounted price of what they would pay on Jamison Legal Group's website.  The Dealer can include 5 years of protection with the purchase of every car ( $1440 value) and charge the customer $199 or $299 (Dealer sets the price), which is a hefty discount of what they would pay at our website.  Some Dealers may wish to give it away for free as a way to build goodwill and customer loyalty.  Jamison Legal Group only charges the Dealer $25 total per new/used car they sell per month.  
The Dealer can also advertise our Identity Theft Protection and give it away for 1 year to anyone that comes in for a test drive or to get their car serviced.  How much do you think your Service Department Appointments would increase if you sent a mailer offering 1 year of Identity Theft Protection ($288 value) to anyone that brings their car in for service or comes in for a test drive? 
In Addition: Jamison Legal Group has created proprietary software that analyzes a credit report that can give all of your prospects a "complementary" Custom Credit Analysis from Jamison Legal Group ($150 Value).  See a sample of this Custom Credit Analysis below
The 1st page of every Custom Credit Analysis can be customized for your Dealer to include whatever language you desire.  We will also include a disclaimer on our website where they sign-up for this complimentary service that states we will provide your Dealership a copy of the Analysis.  Your Dealership will be notified in real-time as to who used this service and you'll know exactly what their credit situation is since you receive a copy also.  This will open up a whole new set of opportunities for your salespeople to explore by being able to call each customer with knowledge of their credit situation since they have the Credit Analysis in front of them.  
Jamison Legal Group charges the Dealership $25 per new and used car sold for everything mentioned above.  If the Dealership sells 180 new and 120 used cars per month "300 Total New & Used", Jamison Legal Group would charge the Dealership only $7,500 ( $25 x 300 total cars sold ) . It doesn't matter if you give the Identity Theft Protection to 850 people that come in for service and an additional 950 that took a test drive, if your Dealership sold 300 total cars that month, you are only charged $25 for every car sold.  Jamison Legal Group wants you to sell more cars and increase service appointments; we want you to use this service to grow your Dealership.  Whether you decide to charge all of the "300 car sales" customers for this service a fee of $299 or give it to them for free, Jamison Legal Group only charges you based on your monthly car sales volume.  We get paid more as you increase your car sales volume.  Jamison Legal Group is serious about taking your Dealership to the next level.  Call or SMS Attorney Edward Jamison directly at 412-61O-2785 to discuss how we can help you implement this service and grow your Dealership or fill out the contact form below to receive a call-back.
Your Dealership doesn't have to worry about compliance when it comes to privacy concerns because our service doesn't require any personal information from your customers other than their name, email and phone number.  


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